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Body Painting From Beautiful Model to Serpent

From Nastassia Kinski famous nude photo entwined with a live boa to Paris Hilton controversial topless boa ad for Guess Jeans, women and snakes have been a riveting subject for photographers.

Model Jennie Tivnan in full snake body painting with a live snake neckless
Model Jennie Tivnan in full snake body painting with a live snake neckless

We are all familiar with Eve's meeting with a snake in the Garden of Eden and, of course, Medusa from Greek mythology who had snakes for hair and turned anyone who looked at her into stone.

The Snake also played a key role in Harry Potter "Chamber of Secrets" as we learned that Harry was able to speak in Parseltongue, the language of snakes.

Visionary artist, art director and stylist, EYE-lene has taken these themes one step beyond by transforming a woman into a snake - not literally, but by using the age old tradition of full body painting.

Having assembled a unique team of body painter, model, props, photographers and three snakes, EYE-lene carefully crafted a series of stunning photos of the snake woman and the snakes in striking images based on the mythological characters.

She crafted a unique snake head dress base on the legendary snake hair of Medusa.

 Jennie metamorphosis into Serpent begins as RoByn applies body make up
Jennie metamorphosis into Serpent begins as RoByn applies body make up

The transformation from beautiful model Jennie Tivnan into a snake woman was a long five and a half hour process as body painter Robyn Thompson of NYCBodyArt turns the nude body of model Jennie from flesh color to green and gold serpent scales.

Body painter Robyn carefully and artfully applied layer after layer of green non-toxic water based theatrical makeup and gold leaf to Jennie until the visual transformation into a snake was complete.

RoByn Thompson is an internationally award-winning face and body artist.

She is the first international member to meet the criteria for membership in FACE, the European Face Painting Association.

Serpent Jennie charms her dancing friends
Serpent Jennie charms her dancing friends

Her body art has graced hundreds of men and women at a multitude of events: public, private and corporate.

With imagination and artist flair, she brings amazing themes to life using the human body as a canvas.

RoByn's empathic understanding of the power of transformation enables her to turn any concept into an empowering work of art.

Based in New York City, RoByn's company- - travels the world to create magnificent affirmations of the beauty of the human body.

RoByn uses only the highest quality non-toxic professional theatrical grade products that are hypoallergenic and FDA approved for use on the skin for the human model's protection.

Model Jennie commented: "I have never worked with snakes before, although I have briefly touched one before, that's about it! Little did I know that one day I would be draped in them!

And it really was just the initial contact with them, touching them for the first time, knowing they were going to be all over me in a few hours LOL".

During her transformation Slitherella, the snake handler, "brought the smaller snake over for me to touch.

Very daunting when you're not as use to them as some people", commented Jennie.

Jennie is introduced to the smaller snake Apollo
Jennie is introduced to the smaller snake Apollo

Slitherella, one of the snake handlers, noted "Jennie wasn't too comfortable at first...that's why I walked around the apartment with the snakes and slowly introduced them to her, starting with the little one first."

Apollo, the smaller snake named after the greek/roman sun god, is a red corn snake and the genetic relative of the rat snake.

Meitreya, the larger snake, who is a hybrid between a black rat snake and an everglades rat snake that are found in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Model Jennie was then introduced to an eight and a half foot albino python snake named "Naked".

"Naked enjoys wrapping herself around any warm body she can find and model Jennie quickly became an object of affection", stated John her handler.

Naked, according to her handler John, "has a very gentle nature and loves people."

Jennie reaction to "Naked" a boa, "was fine, having her draped around me, but when she would come face to face with me, I was very uneasy at first lol.

But wow, by the end of the shoot, I nearly want to get one myself!!"

There seemed to be no difficulty with either photographers with the snakes, the snakes just did their thing and Brian Diaz and Russell Heller just took great pictures.

It's kind of impossible to pose a snake and have it hold the pose.

Except for almost 20 mosquito bites suffered by Jennie, the snake photo shoot went off fluidly, resulting in many engrossing and fascinating photos.

For more pictures from the shoot, see the The Preparation and The Finish Pictures pages on the Models-Port site.


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