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Selling your Photos On Line

Selling your photos on line may seem like an intriguing opportunity for photographers and models until you being to research all that is involved - designing and setting up a secured web site, processing orders, obtaining a merchant account to process on line credit card orders, etc.

Well, luckily we found a service that provides all the back end services required - including credit card processing - letting the photographer or model concentrate on creating and marketing their works on line.

You set your pricing and the service handles the e-commerce, billing, high quality photo printing, shipping, and customer service for every order placed on line.

You Set Print Prices - Profits

You set the cost for each print, for example, if you sell a 8x10 print for $10.00 (the service would subtract $3.19 retail price per print and $1.50 which is 15% of the print price to cover administrative expenses).

So your net profit is $5.13 per 8x10 print ($10.00-$3.19-$1.50).

The service bills the customer for shipping and handling, so these costs do not affect your net profit and your profits will be paid via Direct Deposit to your Bank Account within 30 days after the end of each month.

Charity Fashion Shows, Conventions or Other Social Events

Now you can turn those charity fashion shows, conventions, club shows or other social events into a money making opportunity, just collect e-mail address from participate at the event and send them a note when the photos are on line.

People love mementos photos - so include yourself and as many different individuals as you can in each photo. You can also work with the event organizers to share the profits from the photos.

People, especially parents, like to keep momentos of events. And this is an easy way to do it.

This is a great opportunity for a model/photographer partnership - great exposure, too.

And the service includes a wide range of photographic print sizes from 4x6 up to 20 x30, and including special items like calendars, photo cards, photo mugs, etc.

Pro Gallery features include:

  • Customizable pricing by gallery
  • Customizable URLs to hand out, email or integrate into your website
  • Multiple galleries, and multiple albums in one gallery
  • Option to password protect each gallery
  • Blocked access to your high-resolution images
  • Customizable back print messaging on each print
  • Customizable index print with thumbnail-size images showing all of the photos in your order.

There are three annual gallery plans that include setup, storage space and additional discounts from list price.

Shutterfly Pro Gallery

Pro GalleryDisk StorageAnnual FeeDiscount from List Price
PRO20250Mb $99.00 20% off list price
PRO30500Mb $149.00 30% off list price
PRO401Gb - 3Gb for a limited time only! $199.00 40% off list price

Shutterfly Pro Gallery is the place to sell your photos online. You take the picture, we do the work!

Pro Gallery

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