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3D Carousel Slideshow

Looking for a dramatic way to display pictures on your site. Well, this 3D Carousel Slideshow script may be the answer. This script presents your thumbnail pictures in a rotating 3D Carousel Slideshow. Pictures can be displayed or linked to another page when clicked on. To really appreciate the effect of this script click on 3DCarousel Demo.

Thumbnail Photo Gallery with Mouse over Enlarge Photo

You probably observed this effect on other model - photographer pages, a gallery of thumbnail photos that pop up a larger image of the thumbnail photo. Many of these effects pop up a enlarge photo in a separate window however, with this script you can place the enlarged image anywhere on the same page. You can also link the photo to another web page, so that when someone clicks on a photo, they are transported to a new page.

See Demo - Thumbnail Photo Gallery with Mouse over Enlarge Photo

CMotion Image Gallery IE Script

If you are looking for a great way to display many pictures in a small space, the CMotion Image Gallery IE script will do the trick. Just use your mouse pointer to scroll through the gallery.

You can control what happen to each thumbnail picture, when a visitor clicks on it - pop up an enlarge photo or redirect the visitor to a new web page.

See Demo - Thumbnail Photo Gallery with Mouse over Enlarge Photo .

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