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Thumbnail Photo Gallery with Mouse over Enlarge Photo

You probably observed this effect on other model - photographer pages, a gallery of thumbnail photos that pop up a larger image of the thumbnail photo. Many of these effects pop up a enlarge photo in a separate window however, with this script you can place the enlarged image anywhere on the same page. You can also, link the photo to another web page, so that when someone clicks on a photo, they are transported to a new page.

Ideas for Models

This is a great script for modeling sites, were you can display you best shot in each category, such as, bikini, fashion, glamour, headshot, lingerie in your main photo gallery. When a visitor moves the mouse over a category shot, such as bikini and clicks on the enlarge image, they are then transported to your bikini gallery.

Ideas for Photographers

Photographers can also use this technique, by displaying their best photos by category as thumbnail images. If your photography is grouped into categories, such as, commercial, glamour, headshots, weddings, still life, etc., you can include the best picture in each category on the main gallery. When a visitor clicks on the enlarged category picture, they are transported to a new gallery page with images in that category.

Makeup artists, hair styles and styles can also use these techniques.

Whether you are a model, photographer, makeup artists, hair styles or styles, this is a great way to display your work.

Highlights - Thumbnail Photo Gallery with Mouse over Photo Enlarge Script:

  • Images loaded can vary in dimensions, and can each be independently linked.
  • Configure larger image to be shown via onClick or onMouseover of thumbnail.
  • Define image border and optional link target.
  • Specify whether images should be preloaded.
  • Define multiple regions for different images to be displayed in.
  • In IE5.5+, an optional fade-wipe effect is applied during each image change.
  • Script works in all modern DHTML browsers- IE5+, NS6+, and Opera 7+.

Installing the Image Thumbnail Viewer II IE script

The Image Thumbnail Viewer II IE script is available for free from Dynamic Drive - a great source for great scripts.

Installation Notes - Thumbnail Photo Gallery with Mouseover Photo Enlarge

We found the Image Thumbnail Viewer fairly easy to install, just follow the installation instructions .

In the default installation, the enlarge image appears below the thumbnail images.

If you would like greater control over the placement of the thumbnail pictures and enlarge image, you can put the elements in Step 2 of the instructions into a table format. The first 3 lines of step 2, represent the thumbnail images and the last two lines control the placement of the enlarge image.

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