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3D Carousel Slideshow

Looking for a dramatic way to display pictures on your site. Well, this 3D Carousel Slideshow script may be the answer.

Whether you are a model, photographer, wedding photographer, this is a great way to display your work.

3D Carousel Slideshow Highlights

  • Slideshow can be set to be 4-sided, 6, 8, or 12.
  • Slideshow can be set to either slide in from right to left, or the reverse.
  • You can link a image to a page, enlarge image or display only - no link.
  • Slideshow pauses on mouse over.
  • A DOM based script that works in modern DHTML browsers- IE5+, NS6+, Opera 7+.

Installing the 3D Carousel Slideshow script

The 3D Carousel Slideshow script is available for free from Dynamic Drive - a great source for great scripts. Be sure to read the installation instructions carefully, since this script is bit more difficult than most. For those who love cats, take a look at the script author Ger Versluis cat site. Be sure to check out the photos and cat music selections.

3D Carousel Slideshow Installation Notes

We found that the 3D Carousel Slideshow worked best when all pictures were scaled to the same dimensions. We also foundedthat GIF formatted pictures did not work with the slideshow, however, JPG formatted pictures worked fine. Our demo for the slideshow was set up to go to the model's portfolio page when you double click on a picture. However, you can control how each picture works. You can set the action for each individual picture, so you may set the action to go to a page, enlarge the photos or use it just for display - the choice is yours.

İ 2001-2008 Pictures and Images are Copyright by the Model, Photographer or Agency. Please contact the individual models or photographers for permission. All rights reserved.

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