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Country:   USA

State:   NY

City:   New York - Portfolio - Contact - Body Painted Clothing

Female Models from Ecko Unltd Magic Fashion Tradeshow in body paint by nycbodyart
Felix Natal, Jr. and RoByn Thompson

Models for Ecko Unltd
at the Magic Fashion Tradeshow in Las Vegas

Body Paint by

Photographer: Felix Natal Jr.

Female Model in body paint by nycbodyart at Luna Parc
Felix Natal, Jr. and RoByn Thompson

Body Paint by

Photographer: Felix Natal Jr.

Location: Luna Parc located in Sussex County, New Jersey an evironmetal sculpture park created by artist and desiger Ricky Boscarino

Type of work:  Body Painting, Body Paited Clothing, Face Painting, Airbrush Face Painting, Dayglow UV Glitters Painting, Hand Painted Tattoos and Glitter Tattoos.

About: is owned and operated by RoByn Thompson, an multiple award winning face and body painter.

RoByn is the first international member to meet the criteria for membership in FACE, the European Face Painting Association. Membership criteria include testing of technical proficiency, health and safety standards and use of appropriate materials as well as professional liability insurance coverage.

RoByn Thompson is fully insured and uses only the highest quality professional theatrical grade products that are hypoallergenic and FDA approved for use on the skin. adheres to strict safety and hygienic practices. It is important to note the difference between professional theatrical grade products and regular paints labeled as nontoxic.

Nontoxic only applies to intended uses of painting on surfaces and clearly not the skin.

There is no required training in the field of body art. Neither are there health and safety or insurance requirements.

Protect yourself against painters using improper products as well as providing poor quality services by asking questions when requesting services. provides a premium service with portfolio images and impeccable references available

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