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Jessica Simpson is a Hot Legged Daisy

I just love a film that received universal panning by the critics, so I ventured off to see the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

Dukes Of Hazzard - Daisy Duke
Jessica Simpson as
Daisy Duke poster

I know it will be pure escapism - but on a hot humid day, what could be better than a nice cool theater.

Anyway, as a fashion editor, I was more concerned with the look and the hype.

Boy, if you are going to put someone in booty shorts and high heel boots - Jessica Simpson just fits the bill.

Jessica Simpson has to have one of the best sets of legs in Hollywood and boy can she use them.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson
showing those great legs in her poster

If you would like to take a peek - see - Jessica Simpson video remake of the song "These Boots were Make for Walking".

Jessica Simpson is really hot in those red boots and booty shorts and she could put any dancer to shame with her undulating hip movements.

The movie was so, so - but I bet you will see a lot of booty shorts and cowboy boots in the clubs.

Because the look is definitely - super hot, hot, hot.

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